Business solution • Integer programming 代写

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  • Business solution • Integer programming 代写

    Business solution (group assignment, 5 students/group), 3200–3500 words
    The purpose of this assignment is to develop your capability in applying your skills and knowledge in a real situation. In the first tutorial session, you will be asked to form a group of 5 students. For this assignment, you are required to apply quantitative techniques discussed in this course in a real company. You can choose any of the discussed areas in this course. Here are some suggested topics:
    ·         Linear programming
    ·         Sensitivity analysis
    ·         Network models
    ·         Integer programming
    ·         Project management
    ·         Waiting line models
    ·         Simulation
    ·         Decision theory
    ·         Any other related topic discussed in this course

    Business solution • Integer programming 代写
    You can work on any topics discussed in the course but you need to address the following areas when writing your report:
    ·         As a group you are required to apply your knowledge on optimisation in real and practical environment. For doing so you need to find a real company and then decide what optimisation technique you are going to apply in the company based on their issues. Having an initial discussion with the company will help you choose the appropriate technique. Provide background information regarding the company including size, business type, areas of operations, competitors etc.
    ·         You are required to provide discussion about the chosen topic. For example, if you choose ‘LP’ model in an manufacturing company you need to first explain about LP modeling and then justify why you choose LP for the company and why not the other technique, what are the advantage of LP compared to other methods.
    ·         Then you are required to collect real data for the chosen topic and show the current status of the company in the chosen topic. For example, if your topic is Transportation, you need to discuss about nodes, cost of transportation per unit, function for total transportation cost, all the constrains, complete mathematical model, input and output data for Excel, optimal answer etc.
    ·         After analysing the current situation, you need to provide solution to improve the performance and efficiencies of the operations in the company (e.g. how to reduce the total transportation cost). Analyse the data explaining the process and where is the data coming from and what does it represent. A clear step-by-step instruction that can be understood by an individual with no previous Excel experience.
    Suggested Structure of the report :
    1.      Executive Summary
    2.      Table of Content
    3.      List of Figures/Tables
    4.      Introduction
    5.      Identify the Problem and Choosing the Topic
    6.      Data Collection
    7.      Problem Formulation
    8.      Problem Solving
    9.      Analysis and Discussion
    10.  Recommendation
    11.  References
    12.  Appendix
    Assessment Criteria:
    1.      Introduction: Company Information, Detailed background information of the company including size, business type, areas of operations, competitors etc.
    2.      Identify the Problem and Choosing the Topic, Explain about the problem you identified in the company. Explain about the assumptions. Detailed information about the chosen topic. Why is this topic chosen? Current status of the topic in the selected company.
    3.      Data Collection: The comprehensiveness of the data collected required for the project analysis. You are required to collect real data for the chosen topic. You must clearly explain how data was collected and provide contact details of those who provided data.
    4.      Problem Formulation: Mathematical formulation of the objective functions and the constraints of the problem. Comprehensiveness of the mathematical model. Clear definition of variable, objective function. Explanation for each of constraints, comprehensiveness and clarity of model formulation.
    5.      Problem solving: Provide excel outputs with explanations and explain about the optimal solution. Clear explanation about all steps, calculations. Providing realistic scenarios, clarity, comprehensiveness and relevance of the solution.
    6.      Analysis and Discussion: Comparison between current status and the model proposed in this assignment based on the total cost, time, sale, or profit, etc.
    7.      Recommendations: Discussions on the areas that can be improved based on the finding of the project.
    8.      Overall Presentation of the assignment: Clarity of presentation and the sequence of the topics, correct referencing, executive summary, table of content, list of figures/tables, references, page numbering, and appendix (if any).
    Important Notice
    All group members are required to work equally towards the completion of this assessment task. In case you think the level of contribution among your group is not equal and fair you can complete the form Peer Review Assessment for Group Assignment.doc (see under Assessment in Blackboard) and send it directly to the Lecturer. The lecturer will ask the rest of your group members to complete the same form and send it to him/her. All information and communications will remain confidential. Please remember if you have no complaint you do not need to complete this form.
    Here is an example of how the peer review assessment works:
    Suppose that overall mark for a group assignment (including oral presentation) is 70 out of 100. Jack is in this group and the results of Peer Review Assessment shows that Jack’s contribution has been 80%. Therefore Jack’s overall mark for this assignment would be 0.80 * 70 = 56 out of 100.
    Important Notes about Group Assignment:
    ·         Choose a name for your group. This name will be used for all references and communication.
    ·         Talk to your tutor regarding your topic. Your tutor will advise you whether the topic and the company are suitable for this assessment task. Your tutor will also help you develop a strategy in doing your assignment.
    ·         The chosen company must be based in Australia.
    ·         Group assignment must be submitted electronically through myRMIT Studies. This provides us with evidence of the time and date of submission. Do not send your assignment by e-mail.
    ·         The assessed assignments will be returned to students wihin two weeks after the due date.
    ·         Nominate a student as contact person for each group.
    ·         Provide the company name and contact details of the staff that you have collected the data.
    ·         Your final report must address both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the selected topics.
    ·         Using multiple sources for data collection is highly recommended, e.g interviews with key informants and also using the company’s historical records..
    ·         Group assignments which are done individually will not be accepted. Please make sure you join a group by the end of week 2.
    ·         Every member of the group should equally contribute towards the completion of the assignment.
    ·         Please make sure you attach the softcopy of your Excel solution with your Group Assignment Report.
    ·         For any optimisation technique chosen in this assignment you MUST mathematically formulate the problem (i.e. the objective function and the constraints of the problem).
     Business solution • Integer programming 代写