XNB277 – Exercise & Sports Nutrition Assessment 代写

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  • XNB277 – Exercise & Sports Nutrition  Assessment 代写

    Queensland University of Technology
    School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
    XNB277 – Exercise & Sports Nutrition
    Assessment Item 1 2017
    Technique:                                        Individual Case Study
    Duration:                                              2000 words (anything beyond 2200 words will not be graded)
    Weight:                                                 30%
    Learning outcomes:                1.      Critically analyse and synthesise principles of exercise and sports nutrition.
                                                               2.      Interpret complex physiological and biochemical responses to physical activity and                                                                                     nutrition         and the interaction between the two.
                                                                               3.      Apply evidence to practical recommendations related to diet, supplements and                                                                                              performance.
    Refer to the ‘Assessment Item 1 – CriteriaMatrix’ for a list of criteria, standards and descriptors.
    Descriptors represent the middle of a standard and all criteria are equally weighted.
    Due date:                           8am Monday 10th April (during week 7)
    choose  indoor volleyball
    1.        Read all sections of the task sheetcarefully. If you have any queries about the task, seek clarification from the unit coordinator before commencing.
    2.       Consult the QUT referencing, citing and writing guide, QUT Cite|Write for information about academic writing structure and conventions (http://www.citewrite.qut.edu.au).
    3.        Academic honesty means that you are expected to exhibit honesty and act responsibly when undertaking assessment. Any action or practice on your part which would defeat the purposes of assessment is regarded as academic dishonesty. You should be familiar with the QUT Student Code of Conduct and QUT Academic Integrity policy. Failure to maintain academic integrity through plagiarism or other forms as outlined in section 5.3.5 of the QUT Academic Integrity policy will be dealt with accordingly.
                •    QUT Student Code of Conduct:  http://www.mopp.qut.edu.au/E/E_02_01.jsp
                •    QUT Academic Integrity policy: http://www.mopp.qut.edu.au/C/C_05_03.jsp
    This assignment will entail an analysis of a particular individual or team sport. You will identify key exercise and sports nutrition principles, interpret identified biochemical(e.g. blood glucose during the training/competition), physiological and nutritional parameters, and identify key recommendations for the management and practical food advice to improve performance. You will also be required to identify key supplements and myths that may be used and counter these with appropriate evidence. The case will be completed as a written assignment. Some of the information you need to include in your assignment will not have been covered in the unit by the due date. Theoretical information about these topics will be provided in advance for all students. Please continue to check the Course Materials Database (CMD) for this material.
    Task description
    You are required to write a reportaccording to the included guidelines and associated marking criteria. This task presents an opportunity to investigate, justify and demonstrate an advancedanalysis of an individual or team sport and you will develop these techniques of analysisfor Assessment Item 2 – the Group Case Study.
    Your assignment must providea briefdescriptionof the sport, physiological and practical information, examples of issues and challenges,and an insight into the life of an athlete in the sportto give the reader a working knowledge and understanding of the sport.  See Table 1 for more detail.
    You are to select a sport through consultation with your tutor. The sport may not be the same as the one you will cover for Assessment Item 2 – the Group Case Study (this will be checked). Table 2 provides a list of sportsfrom which youcan choose. The assignment must not exceed 2000 words (anything beyond 2200 words will not be graded). For further information about task requirements refer to the ‘Format and General Information’ section.
    Table 1Report components and requirements
    Component Requirement
    Title ·         Include a title that emphasises the purpose of the report
    Contents page ·         Sections should be clearly identified by headings, sub-headings and page numbers
    ·         Incorporate a numbering system for referring the reader to other sections of the report (if required)
    1. Introduction ·         Define the purpose of the report
    ·         Provide a brief overview of the need for sports nutrition input for your sport
    (e.g. “this sport is an example of an individual endurance sport where athletes are expected to train 20+ hours per week”)
    2. Body of report 2.1 Describe thecompetition & training characteristics of the sport e.g. frequency & place of competitions; training type, frequency, duration & intensity
    2.2 Explain in detail the physique & physiology (include energy systems &biochemical parameters) characteristics of the sport
    e.g. cardiovascular fitness & strength requirements; typical body size & shape requirements; relevant energy systems & fuel requirements
    2.3 Lifestyle & culture of the sport
    e.g. is the sport all-consuming or can it be done in conjunction with other work/study etc?; what age are the athletes usually?, are there traditional practices within the sport that might influence intake etc?
    2.4 Outline findings from any dietary surveys (if available) of the sport
    i.e. what do we know about the athletes’ current intakes?; if there are no surveys completed for your chosen sport, what is a similar sport that you could use intake data from?
    2.5 Practical issues & challenges associated with your sport that prevent or diminish refuelling & rehydrating
    e.g. are there geographical/physical characteristics of the sport?; are there rules or legislation that issues?; does the nature of the sport provide issues? etc.
    2.6 Sport foods & supplementsappropriate for, or used in, your sport
    e.g. what would the commonly used sports foods or supplements be?
    3. Summary ·         Outline key points and take home messages
    Reference list        
    ·         A list of all information sources acknowledged in the report via in-text referencing
    ·         APA author-date or number referencing conventions (refer to QUT Cite|Write)
    Table 2List ofSports
    Summer Olympic Sports
    -          Slalom
    -          Sprint
    -          BMX
    -          Mountain Bike
    Modern Pentathlon
    Rowing – heavyweight
    Water polo
    Winter Olympic Sports
    Speed Skating
    -          Alpine Skiing
    -          Cross Country Skiing
    -          Freestyle Skiing
    Court/Indoor Sports
    Indoor Volleyball
    Table Tennis
    Race Walking
    Track & Field Jumps
    Track & Field Throws
    Weight-making Sports
    Rowing – lightweight
    Other Sports
    Gaelic Football
    V8 Supercars
    Skill-based Sports
    Aesthetic Sports
    Figure Skating
    Format and general information
    ·         Your report must demonstrate appropriate structure including headings and sub-headings to clearly distinguish the relevant components and requirements listed in Table 1.
    ·         Supporting information must be collected from a diverse range of sources including, but not limited to, a combination of peer reviewed journal articles, reference texts, reports and reputable online sites. For this task, you are required to cite and reference a minimum of 10 reliable sources of information. Collecting information from a range of sources supports scope and balance during the investigation with the potential for producing more valid conclusions.
    ·         You are required to use the APA author-date referencing system or a number system. It is important that you consistently apply either system throughout your report. Consult ‘QUT Cite|Write’for more information.
    ·         Paragraphs should be carefully structured to ensure they flow well and an academic writing style is maintained throughout the report. Point form is acceptable for some sections; however, the paragraph as a whole should have an introduction and conclusion.
    ·         Your assignment should be word processed and include a minimum of 1½ line spacing for each paragraph.
    ·         You are required to submit your assignment through Turnitinon the XNB277 Blackboard site,on or before 8am Monday the 10th of April.
     XNB277 – Exercise & Sports Nutrition  Assessment 代写