Strategic Planning for Public Relations Report 代写

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  • Strategic Planning for Public Relations Report 代写

    Assessment 1 - Relationship Management Report
    Due date
    Final submission of 2000 word report 21 August 2017 by 10.00 am AEST
    Weight - 50%
    2000 words (+/- 10%)
    Individual submission
    Online submission via CloudDeakin
    Assessment task
    Relationship Management
    Strategic Planning for Public Relations Report 代写
    Select an organisation that has used a 'special event' to engage/interact with members of their target public(s).
    A 'special event' could be a contest/competition or a fundraising event but for other examples, please see Smith (2013, p. 236 - 241).
    Using publicly available information, such as Web content, social media posts and news reports, you will analyse the effectiveness of this interpersonal communication tactic.
    For more detail of what your Assessment 1 should contain, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the marking criteria. The details found in the FAQs and the marking criteria are essential to success in this assignment.
    This task addresses the following Unit Learning Outcomes:
    • Analyseorganisational communication systematically and scientifically.
    • Demonstrate the skills to research, plan, implement and evaluate public relations and organisational communication.
    • Evaluate customer relationship management.
    Structure of your report
    You will prepare your assessment in report-style formatting.
    Ensure your report incorporates/addresses the following mandatory sections,
    Title Page
    Table of Contents
    Analysis of communication
    Appendix (include where appropriate)
    For further guidance regarding the sections of the report, please refer to the FAQs
    Please note, the FAQs offer additional guidance on how these sections could be expanded which subsequently introduces two new headings and, breakdowns the ‘Analysis of Communication’ section with questions to consider.
    • Report format
    • Size 12 font
    • 1.5 spacing
    • ‘Normal’ margins settings (2.54cm)
    • Page numbers, student name and ID in footer
    • Submit as a Word Document or PDF
    • Grammar, Spell and Word count check
    • Harvard-style referencing, please see
    Resources and minimum number of academic references
    Essential and recommended readings are provided to help you begin this task (see the FAQs).
    You are expected to base your research on up-to-date and reputable resources, not introductory textbooks or ‘common knowledge’. Your research activities should focus on (but not be limited to):
    • Web sites of organisations
    • Print and electronic journals
    • Electronic databases (accessed via Library Home Page)
    A minimum of four (4) academic references.
    Additional guidance and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    You may require more advice for specific areas of your report. For this reason, FAQs have been prepared to assist. You are advised to refer to the FAQs frequently as they will be updated as further questions arise.
    Marking Criteria
    The marking criteria are broad as to accommodate variation in organisations selected. However, please be mindful that the marking criteria will be strictly adhered to by all the markers, so if in doubt, use the criteria to guide your thinking and emphasis.
    Criterion Weighting (%) Mark
    Analytical thinking and evaluation The report is based on a suitable organisation and tactic.
    Sufficient information and literature has been utilised to present/support a critique of communication.
    Demonstrated sound analytical skills in the presentation of results.
    Sufficient data has been analysed to assess the effectiveness of the tactic(s) used.
    A coherent argument is provided.
    40 20
    Understanding and application of relevant literature/information An adequate range of existing sources/research/further readings have been utilised to provide background for the selected organisation.
    Demonstrates sound identification and understanding of related literature.
    Applies and connects appropriate literature/sources to support and justify ideas.
    The minimum number of academic references have been included.
    35 17.5
    Presentation, referencing, clarity, grammar and structure Adequately followed the referencing and formatting guidelines.
    The report is logical, consistent and follows the format described in the assignment instructions.
    Demonstrates the use of word processing software, which meets formatting prescribed in the assignment instructions.
    Accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation.
    Remained within the word count.
    Writing demonstrates knowledge and understanding with a clear structure enhanced by sound written expression.
    Accurate referencing.
    25 12.5
    Smith, R.D. 2013 Strategic Planning for Public Relations, 4th edition, Routledge, Oxon, UK.
     Strategic Planning for Public Relations Report 代写