MMK101 Marketing Strategy 市场战略 assignment 代写

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  • MMK101 Marketing Strategy  市场战略 assignment 代写

    Assessment 3: Marketing Strategy and Recommendations (30%)

    Assessment 3 continues from Assessment 2. You should recommend a
    detailed extended marketing
    mix strategy that will help Green Kinetic Ltd. to successfully reach their goals.
    The environment analysis discussed in Assessment 1 and the consumer profile presented in Assessment
    2 should be used as the basis of the marketing strategy recommended here in Assessment 3. The
    feedback you received for Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 should be used to strengthen your strategic
    recommendations in Assessment 3.
    Assessment  Assessment 3: Marketing Strategy and Recommendations
    Completed  Individually ONLY
    Weighting  30% of final grade (marked out of 100)
    Word Limit  1,000 words (+/- 10%)
    Due Date  Week 11, Tuesday 23 May 2017 @ 5:00pm AEDT
    Where to Submit  Assessment 2 Dropbox On CloudDeakin
    Late Submission Penalty  5% of the available marks will be deducted each day for up to five days
    Return Date  By Tuesday 13 June 2017 @ 5:00pm AEST/AEDT
    Section  Marks
    Details (optional/suggested breakdown of word limit in brackets)
    5  Background Summary of Assessment 2:
    In the provided template for Assessment 3 identify your target market and positioning statement
    developed from Assessment 2.
    (800 words)
    80  Marketing Mix:
    Provide a fully referenced discussion of two extended marketing mix element strategies that you are
    recommending be used by the organisation to meet its objectives (page 4 of this brief), with justification
    (see Chapters 7-13 of the prescribed text). Aspects that you need to address, include:
    -  Relevant aspects of Marketing Mix elements.
    -  How should they be used? Be specific.
    -  Justify your recommendations – be creative, but ground your decisions in reality and base them on
    -  Make sure you discuss at each stage how these strategic recommendations relate to the stated
    objectives and how they will help Green Kinetic Ltd. meet the needs of the target market you
    identified and their ideal positioning.
    MMK101 Marketing Strategy  市场战略 assignment 代写
    (200 words)
    10  Conclusions with Implications for the Company:
    Make sure your conclusion and implications:
    -  Summarise the significant elements of all 3 Assessments
    -  State the implications for the company of the findings from your reports
    -  What marketing metrics would you recommend to measure the success (or otherwise) of this
    Overall  5
    General communication
    -  Following the requirements listed on pages 9 and 10 of this brief
    -  Appropriate use of digital resources
    -  Use of credible and relevant sources (minimum of 10 different sources) with at least 50% of
    these being Peer Reviewed Sources (minimum of 5 different sources)
    -  Correct, consistent use of the Harvard style of referencing
    -  Concise, clear, professional language and writing style

    MMK101 Marketing Strategy  市场战略 assignment 代写