BUSS103 The Principles of Marketing Sibt 预科 代写

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  • BUSS103 The Principles of Marketing Sibt 预科 代写

    The Principles of Marketing
    Group Assignment – Marketing Plan
    Semester 1 2017
    BUSS103 Group Assignment (Marketing Plan) 012017
    Outcomes to be assessed:
    Students will:
      Develop an understanding of specific Target Market(s) and how customers can be profiled
      Understand positioning based on a service relative to the conditions that surround the
      Address the role of the marketing mix in services marketing
      Develop marketing metrics
    Assessment Instructions:
    Your group of 4, you are to choose a service organisation of your choice to base your marketing plan
    report on.
    As a group, you are to review the chosen service organisation and write a marketing plan report to the
    Board of Directors of this organisation.
    The marketing plan report must include the following:
      Executive summary
      Introduction and a brief overview of the company including an overview of the industry it
    operates in; structure, its services / products and key competitors.
      Situational analysis that reviews that factors outside of the organisation that impacts on
    marketing strategies
      a SWOT analysis identifying strengths and potential opportunities for your chosen
      An analysis of the target market including a brief a profile of the typical customer in the target
    market using the segmentation characteristics (demographic, psychographic, geographic and
    behavioural factors).
      An overview of the marketing mix strategies and tactics that you will use including:
    o  Product
    o  Price
    o  Place
    o  Promotion
    o  People
    o  Process
    o  physical evidence
    BUSS103 Group Assignment (Marketing Plan) 012017
      Marketing metrics that you will use to measure the effectiveness of each of the planned

    BUSS103 The Principles of Marketing Sibt 预科 代写
    Assessment Referencing Guidelines:
    Each group must utilise a minimum of 10 references in the marketing plan report. 6 must be
    academic journal articles on marketing theory. You must support your assumptions in the plan report
    with these academic sources and must reference using the Harvard Referencing system.
    It is insufficient to rely on your textbook to answer the report. As you will be reviewing many
    published works it is important that you correctly reference and acknowledge all sources, both in-text
    and in your reference list.
    You may choose to include other similar practical examples in the report. The word limit is 4000 words.
    This word limit is a strict one and varying from it by more than 10% will lead to penalty. You should
    use the format as prescribed in below. Your report is to be in uploaded to Turnitin prior to class on
    Monday 26 May 2017 - Week 13.
    Failure to use a minimum of 6 peer reviewed articles per group in your report will result in your
    grade being assessed out of a maximum of 10 Marks
    BUSS103 Group Assignment (Marketing Plan) 012017
    Your essay work must be submitted in two stages:
    Stage 1: Submit a softcopy to the plagiarism detection system ‘Turnitin’ by 5 pm Monday 26 May
    2017 - Week 13.
    Stage 2: Each student should complete a Peer Review assessment form by Monday 26 May 2017 -
    Week 13 in the Moodle learning space for your teacher. Remember to evaluate yourself first on the
    LATE PENALTY: Submissions received after 5 pm Monday 26 May 2017- Week 13 will incur a 5 mark
    penalty for the first 48 hours, thereafter any further submission will receive a zero grade for this
    Please note the following:
      Your report must include a Cover Page with full official student name (Family name in
    CAPITALS), student ID number, teachers name, class day and time, and word count. Your
    submitted version must also include your reference list.
      Any report not submitted to Turnitin will not be marked and will receive a ZERO GRADE.
      The marking guides are found attached to this document.
      PLEASE NOTE: You are NOT REQUIRED to submit a hard copy of this assessment.
    Plagiarism Detection Software Use in this Unit
    It is our task to encourage ethical scholarship and to inform students and staff about the institutional
    standards of academic behaviour expected of them in learning, teaching and research. Students have
    a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity in their work. Students must
    ensure they do not plagiarise. In order to detect evidence of plagiarism in students’ work, this Unit
    utilizes the plagiarism detection software Turnitin. You must upload a soft copy of your essay to
    Turnitin. In order to familiarise you with Turnitin, we will undertake a practice run during the Week 10
    tutorial assessment workshop.
    PLEASE NOTE: TURNITIN cross checks your essay against: websites, journal articles, books, and other
    student papers worldwide. Do not fall in to the trap of believing that you will get away with plagiarizing
    other authors work.
    Your group assessment will be marked and feedback uploaded into Turnitin by Week 14.
    Please follow the assessment form guidelines over page.
    BUSS103 Group Assignment (Marketing Plan) 012017
    Assessment Format Guidelines
      Assessments should be typed in Cambria or Calibri 12 pt
      The report must follow the report writing guidelines a copy can be found in the Moodle
    learning space
      Assessments should be fully referenced utilising the Harvard Referencing system a copy
    can be found in the Moodle Learning space.
      Diagrams should be labelled and referenced
      Pages should be numbered
      You should keep a copy of your assessment for your records.
    Marking Rubric
    Group assessment: Marketing Review Report (Graded out of 20)
    Content  HD (20 - 17)  Distinction (16.5 – 15)  Credit (14.5 – 13)  Pass (12.5 – 10)  Fail (Below 10)
    Executive Summary:
     Should set the scene for the report and detail
    a comprehensive snap shot of what the reader
    will encounter throughout the report. Should
    state aims, objectives and recommendations.
    A road map to the report.
     /2
    Extensive exploration of
    the  report  with  a
    concise structure, clear
    aims and objectives,
    defined approach, and
    Active voice. Well
    formed and developed.
    A  Comprehensive
    exploration of  the
    report with objectives,
    aims,  analysis and
    clearly established.
    A solid exploration of
    the report. Aims,
    objectives, analysis
    A basic exploration
    of the report. Should
    address  aims,
    objectives, provide a
    summary of what
    has been addressed
    and  state
    Does not give an outline
    of what the report
    entails. Lacks detail and
    structure. Lacks format
    and direction for the
    reader. Student is
    required to address the
    content of what is in the
     Sets the scene for the theory that is to be
    applied throughout the report. Should
    introduce the core concepts and if relevant the
    product/organisation to be discussed. Should
    clarify aims and recommendations of the
     /2
    Concise  and
    introduction  to  the
    report. Identifies the
    theory to be addressed
    in  a  detailed  and
    supported way. Is
    scholarly and applies
    the core concepts with
    structure and form.
    A  detailed
    introduction  that
    underpins the theory
    to be addressed within
    the body of the report.
    Develops  the
    argument  and
    provides  detailed
    background and aims.
    A  strong
    introduction  that
    outlines the theory
    to  be addressed.
    Provides  a
    background and sets
    clear aims to the
    A basic background
    and aims of the
    report  are
    addressed. Lack of
    theory in support of
    the direction of the
    A clear lack for structure
    and form. No clarity in
    theory with support.
    Lacks  aims  and
    Application of Theory -
     Identified situational market factors impacting
    organisational marketing decision.
     Highly developed SWOT analysis.
     Identification of the target market and the
    criteria  used  to  segment  markets
    Extensive  in-depth
    analysis of the criteria.
    Applied knowledge that
    is critically supported
    with  theoretical
    arguments.  Detailed
    support from literature
    and  authoritative
    A  Comprehensive
    exploration. Extremely
    well supported with
    theoretical  analysis
    and critical thinking.
    Demonstrates a high
    level understanding of
    argument  with
    sufficient  key
    concepts addressed.
    evidence  of  a
    moderate level of
    addressed but lacks
    sufficient theoretical
    arguments  and
    critical thinking. Lack
    of understanding of
    key concepts. More
    No  significant
    theoretical arguments
    and  critical  thinking
    developed. Lacks theory
    and how it is applied.
    No clear understanding
    of key concepts.
    BUSS103 Group Assignment (Marketing Plan) 012017
    (demographic, psychographic, geographic,
     Marketing Mix – 7 P’s
     Marketing Metrics
     Total: /10
    sources. Appropriate
    use  of  the  key
    marketing  concepts;
    evidence  the
    assessment could be
    implemented in real life.
    the marketing issues
    and the ability to apply
    critical thinking and
    descriptive  than
     Demonstrated logic,  flow, presentation
    formatting, writing style, and reflective of
    word count. /2
    Extensive  well
    formatted and detailed
    demonstrating  logic,
    flow,  rational
    Extremely  well
    formed, sound logic
    and flow to the work.
    Well presented. Well
    formed  sentence
    structure. No spelling
    Good logic, flow and
    structure  overall.
    Valid  positions
    More logic, flow and
    structure required.
    Basic in language use
    and  style.
    Descriptive  as
    opposed  to
    A definite lack of logic,
    flow  and  structure.
    Requires more work on
    presenting theoretical
    arguments in a concise
    and  comprehensive
    Referencing: Harvard Referencing
     In-text referencing. Should demonstrate at
    least 10 in-text references (6 are academics
    references). Supported with bibliography and
    uploaded to Turnitin. /4
    Over and above the
    Concisely rigorous and
    detailed. A detailed use
    of  contemporary
    Extremely  well
    supported  with
    contemporary theory
    and  thoroughly
    referenced  and
    Well reference with
    current theory in
    supporting  the
    positions. Good use
    of APA referencing

    BUSS103 The Principles of Marketing Sibt 预科 代写
    Referenced  but
    requires additional
    supporting  in-text
    theory. More depth
    of analysis required
    through referencing.
    Some flaws with APA
    referencing style.
    Lack  of  in-text
    referencing and major
    flows  with  APA
    referencing style. Not
    enough  theory  to
    support assumptions.
    BUSS103 Group Assignment (Marketing Plan) 012017
    BUSS103 The Principles of Marketing Sibt 预科 代写