Management assignment代写:管理可持续变化

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  • 任务说明

    oikos Case Writing Competition 2018 Corporate Sustainability Track


    Management assignment代写:管理可持续变化
    MGB310 Managing sustainable change

    Description of the task
    Change and sustainability are inextricably linked. The way that an organisation approaches change is based on itscommitment to sustainability, the challenges it faces, the drivers for change, and a range of organisational and industrycharacteristics. Choosing one of the two case studies provided, you will develop a change strategy for the implementationof sustainability related change within the chosen organisation. Your change strategy should identify and critically evaluatean appropriate change meta-model and a change tool.There is no set structure for this assignment but you will be assessed on both your report content and written expression.You are expected to draw on a range of academic texts and to provide a complete and accurate reference list. It is importantthat you demonstrate how the various elements of your proposed change approach (sustainability issue + meta-model +
    change tool + recommendations) are complementary, appropriate for the organisational context and identified issue, andaddress sustainability, ethical and social responsibility concerns.