Human Resources Hiring Plan 人力资源招聘计划 代写

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  •  Human Resources Hiring Plan 人力资源招聘计划 代写
    Assessment title
    Human Resources Hiring Plan (Individual)
    Purpose, description and
    topics covered
    Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to enable students to
    develop a plan for a specific organisation.
    Description: This assessment requires you to:
    1.   Select an organisation of your choice (examples include local,
    international, private, public, start-up, for profit, not-for-profit)
    2.   Create an organisational structure for the selected firm
    3.   Develop a 12-month hiring (recruitment) plan for the organisation
    that includes: roles, salary levels, recruitment target date,
    recruitment method, attraction strategy, retention strategy and
    performance criteria (3-4 criteria) for the role. Do this for now
    more than four (4) roles in the organisation.
    Topics to be covered:
    Background to the organisation
    Rationale for the organisational structure
    12-month hiring (recruitment) plan for four (4) roles
    Literature review, summary and recommendations
    2000 words
    Assessment length
    10 References
    Harvard style referencing
    Criteria to grade quality
    Five criteria will be used to assess the project:
    1.   Demonstrated links to appropriate readings (20%)
    2.   Scope of analysis and links to theory (20%)
    3.   Depth of analysis (20%)
    4.   Presentation of a convincing argument (20%)
    5.   Clear recommendations based on the analysis or argument
    Submission method
    7 May 2017 by 11.30pm
    Uploaded via the link on the portal
    Only Word or PDF documents allowed (please check that your document
    can be opened before you loads it to the portal)
    Return method
    Assessments (not including the final exam) will be marked and returned
    within ten (10) days from the date of submission. Marking will be via the
    rubric using the grade criteria 1 to 5 shown above. Feedback and the
    mark will be electronic, via the portal.
    Feedback provided
    Feedback will be via the marking rubric for all assessments.
    No feedback is provided for the final exam.
     Human Resources Hiring Plan 人力资源招聘计划 代写