Media, Culture and Everyday Life 传媒文化 assignment 代写

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  •  Media, Culture and Everyday Life 传媒文化 assignment 代写

    ARTS1090 – Media, Culture and Everyday Life
    Assessment 3: Literature Review
    Weighting: 30%
    Length: 1500 words
    Due  - Thursday 18 th May 2017 by 5pm.
    Submit a soft copy to the Turnitin dropbox in the ARTS1090 course Moodle by the due date
    and time. No hard copy required.
    Task Description:
    For this assignment you need to compose a literature review on one of the following topic
    •  Social media and privacy
    •  The future(s) of journalism
    •  Mobile media, place and everyday life
    •  Convergent media and fan cultures
    Conducting a review of the existing literature is a routine part of the research process. Using
    the bibliographic databases of scholarly literature for the discipline of media studies
    identified for you during the lecture in Week 3 and tutorials in Week 4, you’ll need to find five
    academic research articles (i.e. research articles published in scholarly journals) that explore
    one of the above topic areas.
    Based on your annotated bibliography you completed for Assessment 2, compose a
    literature review on one of the above topics. A literature review is a normal component of a
    research article (like the kind we often read in ARTS1090). The goal of a literature review is
    to identify and evaluate the existing research on a topic area. Typically, they make clear
    what is known about a topic area, as well as establish the direction of future research (based
    on any gaps in knowledge or interesting areas you can identify). There is a brief guide to
    conducting a literature review on the UNSW student guide website that you can consult here
    However, please note that this guide is really intended for postgraduate students. Your
    literature review should not attempt to be comprehensive. Instead, it is merely based on the
    five scholarly articles you uncovered for the annotated bibliography assignment. Naturally,
    the scale and scope of this 1500word assignment is much smaller than the outputs of
    postgraduate research. We just want you to grasp the purpose of this style of writing and to
    reflect that in your submission.
    In completing your review, you may also draw on other published scholarly works to provide
    the context for your review of the five academic research articles.
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    Assessment Criteria for the Literature Review Assignment
    1. Ability to identify appropriate research for analysis and to understand how it
    contributes to the conceptual understanding of media.
    2. Ability to use theoretical tools and concepts effectively and rigorously as well as
    explore their significance to understanding the relationship between media and
    everyday life in your selected topic area
    3. Ability to write a clear, engaging piece of analysis that addresses the relationship
    between media and everyday life.
    4. Demonstrate command of relevant scholarly literature and reference this using the
    HARVARD referencing style.
     Media, Culture and Everyday Life 传媒文化 assignment 代写