The Research Report EDU00004 assignment 代写

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  • The Research Report EDU00004 assignment 代写

    Assessment 2: The Research Report
    From Week 6 toWeek 10 you will be required to:
    • *       a research topic (in conjunction with your teacher) which:
    -          Can be phrased as a question that needs an answer;
    -          Should be a question you currently do notknow the answer to.
    -          Should be a question that cannot be easily answered.  (eg. “What is the capital of Australia?”)
    -          Is a topic of interest to yourself; a question that you are curious to find a real answer for.
    -          Unique; your topic should be different to the topics of your classmates.
    • *       your topic in a methodical manner – to determine a logical or plausible conclusion.
    • *       your topic using a variety of sources (primary and/or secondary) – including at least three different kinds of sources, [eg. Newspaper articles, books, magazine/journal articles, webpages, movie/video, lectures, surveys, interviews, etc.].
     The Research Report EDU00004 assignment 代写
    *       All relevant “findings” from your research, should be incorporate into the body of your report. 
    *       [NOTE: All sources will be referenced using Swinburne’s Harvard Style Guide of referencing – for both in-text and reference list.]
    *       Write and submit a report (1200 words) which documents and explains what you researched and how, as well as what you learned from your research, and your eventual answer.
    *       Your written report mustfollow the academic format, as discussed in class.
    *       It should be written in an impersonal style, reflecting an ‘independent’ analysis of the topic.
    *       However, you must use yourown words throughout your report - with careful use of “direct quotations”. [Copying others’ work (plagiarism), will not be accepted.]
    *       Students will be marked on cohesion in the report and how issues develop from the audience, title, structure, aim, introduction, results, discussion, conclusions drawn and recommendations.
    The written report is worth 25% of your overall mark in this subject.
    You must upload a PDF version of your weekly drafts and final report to Blackboard (Turnitin). You may apply for special consideration in writing within three working days of the assessment due date and time. If this is not done or your application is not approved, you will receive a final mark of 0. If the application is approved, you will be advised of the rescheduled submission date via email.
    You will receive feedback on your report, however the final submission will not be returned.

    Marking Guide:
    L.O. Criteria Mark
    Learning Outcome 5 Ability to review and edit
    ·       A considered outline was sighted at the beginning of week 6.
    ·       Progressive draftsof individual sections were submitted by the beginning of weeks 7,8,9.
    / 4
    Learning Outcome 6 Title Page –Displays the title (in question form), author (name & student number), “Prepared for (intended audience) +(teacher & subject)”, and published date.  
    / 2
    Abstract -a short summary of the report including relevant details from the introduction, the main findings, conclusion(s), and recommendation(s).  
    / 4
    Table of Contents –Listsallsections & subsections (numbers + headings) from the report - in their correct order, with their corresponding (correct) page numbers.  
    / 2
    List of Figures –Lists all figures shown in the report.  Each entry must have a figure number, title/label, and page number.  [NOTE: Must contain 3+ figures.]  
    / 2
    Introduction Background is relevant and brief;Purposeis clearly stated;Scope has been well considered;Methodology is logical and clearly explained. / 4
    Conclusions- based on facts presented in the report, and logical,
    and Recommendations- based on conclusions drawn, and appropriate.
    / 2
    Appendices -containing evidence of detailed research; entries correctly labelled.
    oraGlossary – including 5 or more entries - labelled &correctly explained.
    / 2
    Overall format:Appropriate fonts (styles & sizes) used consistently across different levels of text and headings.  Appropriate and consistent text alignment, throughout.  Graphics (tables, charts, diagrams) are suitable, labelled (numbered, titled & sourced) and positioned correctly.  Sections are titled consistently & informatively, & segregated via pagination.  Page are numbers correctly distributed &consistently formatted. Word count is within 10% of requirement.  Headers/footers utilized informatively.  
    / 7
    Learning Outcome 1 Comprehension and Critical Evaluation
    ·         Only includes content relevant to the stated purposeof the report.
    ·         Information was presented logically, (and helpfully for the reader).
    ·         Findings and analysis clearly linked.
    ·         Research and analysis exhibits a good depth and breadth of ideas.
    ·         Shows a logical development of ideas &coherence throughout the report.
    / 10
    Learning Outcome 2 Language
    ·         No plagiarism! Student’s own voice evident.
    ·         Good grammar, lexical range and accuracy.
    ·         Structural coherence &cohesion - at sentence & paragraph level.
    ·         Good range of reporting verbs frequently applied within the text.
    ·         Accurate use of reporting verbs&transition signals.
    ·         Consistent use of impersonal style/language.
    / 6
    Learning Outcome 3 Referencing
    ·         A minimum of 4 sources were cited in the report body.
    ·         Critical analysis evident through research methodology, selection, and use of sources.
    ·         At least 3 different types of sources were included.
    ·         In-text citationsare correctly formatted & clearly linked to Reference List.
    ·         Reference List includes all cited sources, entries listed in alphabetically, and correctly formatted according to Harvard style conventions.
    / 5
    Total / 50
    Final Mark / 25
     The Research Report EDU00004 assignment 代写