AMN465 Public Relations Management 怎么写

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  • AMN465 Public Relations Management 

    Issues for you to choose from

    1. North Sydney Council’s decision to ban smoking in the business district  You represent the Council

    2. Adani’s decision to start work on the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland  You can represent either Adanior Galilee Blockade, an environmental action group and member of the Stop Adani coalition.

    3. The decision by FINA (FédérationInternationale de Natation) not to ban international champion Sun Yang from participating in events such as the recent meet in Gwangju, South Korea after he was accused of being a drug cheat You are representing FINA.

    AMN465 Public Relations Management 怎么写



    北悉尼议会关于在商业区禁烟的决定 - sydbanskinginbusiness -district-20190722-p529kb.html你代表议会


    你可以代表一个名为“加利利封锁”(Adanior Galilee Blockade)的环保行动组织,也是“停止阿达尼联盟”(Stop Adani coalition)的成员。



    AMN465 Public Relations Management 怎么写

    Choosing from the options your lecturer will provide,suggest an alternative public relations response the organisation could/should have made, drawing upon appropriate theoretical concepts and frameworks, and demonstrating an awareness of the importance of ethical considerations to such decisions.Include a short critical reflection on your decision-making process.