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  • SCLG1001  INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY 社会学 assignment 代写

    ESSAY Rationale:
    This assessment task is both summative and formative. It aims to:
      Assess your learning in Modules 1 and 2 (‘The Sociological Imagination & Sociological Theory’
    and ‘Globalisation and Media’); and
      Develop your ability to:
    o Interpret an essay question and conduct scholarly research;
    o Use sociological theory in the analysis of significant social phenomena;
    o Exercise critical thought and judgement with respect to key theoretical perspectives in
    o sociology;
    o Synthesise a range of competing ideas within a single, logically structured argument;
    o Communicate ideas to others in an organised, clear and concise way; and
    o Judiciously use, appropriately cite and accurately reference source material.
    The Question:
    Drawing on at least two theoretical approaches in sociology, critically discuss some of the different ways
    in which EITHER of the following social phenomena can be understood or explained:
    A. Globalisation; OR
    B. Media and the network society.
    The Task:
    The Essay:
    Due: 11:59pm Monday 8 May 2017
    Weight: 35%
    Length: 1500 words
    Submission: Online via BlackBoard
    Return: Monday 29 May 2017
    1. On the basis of your research, you are to write a 1500-word essay addressing the question set for this
    task. Prior to doing so, you MUST consult the following sections of the Department of Sociology’s
    Research, Writing and Style Guide:
      Planning an Essay
      Writing and Structuring an Essay
      Citations and Referencing
      Language, Grammar, Punctuation and Editing
      Presentation and Layout

    SCLG1001  INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY 社会学 assignment 代写
    2. Once you have finished writing your essay, ensure that you have saved it as:
    SCLG1001_EssayProposal_SID_SURNAME_Given name.
    Submitting your Essay:
    1. Once you have been granted access to the Dropbox, select ‘View/Complete’.
    2. Enter your name and Essay in the boxes on the following screen.
    3. To upload your file, select ‘Choose from this computer’. Ensure that the file you upload is the
    final version of your Essay and is saved in the following manner:
    4. SCLG1001_Essay_SID_SURNAME_Given name
    5. Select ‘Upload’. This can take several minutes, so please be patient.
    6. Once your file is uploaded, you will then need to confirm the uploaded file is the one you want
    to submit. Once you are satisfied it is, select ‘Confirm’.
    7. You will then receive a notification confirming your submission is complete.
    SCLG1001  INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY 社会学 assignment 代写